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          nasa1“We know how the racing industry wants to hire grads from The School of Automotive Machinists & Technology, but the school’s reputation has also led to its involvement in a monumental space exploration project. NASA is currently building the Orion spacecraft which, in a few years, will take astronauts to an asteroid and one day on to Mars. It will be the safest and most advanced space craft ever built. The SAM Tech CNC class is designing and fabricating pieces for the crew module mock‐up, which is used in spacecraft design and astronaut training. NASA’s first unmanned Orion flight will be in 2014, 3,600 miles into space at speeds of more than 20,000 MPH.” – HorsePower TV

          For more than 18 months, SAM Tech’s CNC classes have been working hand in hand with NASA engineers, staff, and even astronauts designing and fabricating a shoulder bolster for the Orion spacecraft seat system which provides critical protection to the crew during launch and landing. Over the summer, the School of Automotive Machinists & Technology was visited by one of the astronauts from NASA. While visiting, he met with faculty, staff, and even held a Q & A with the students.

          “与山姆科技合作已经被证明是一个美国宇航局巨大的利益。创意设计的工作,SAM技术做有帮助NASA减少系统,这始终是与飞船目标的质量的潜力。此外,制造业的工作,SAM技术正在做的是优秀的,美国航空航天局提供了一些非常优质的硬件使用的测试和训练。我们很高兴能有这个机会分享一点什么的美国航空航天局与学生做的事情。” - 克里斯蒂sauers,美国宇航局猎户座样机铅



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